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Meet The Tutors

Meet The Tutors


After graduating from a college in Japan, Miwa received a degree at Northeastern University. Miwa currently works for an American company in the Greater Boston Area

Hobbies: Running, watching movies


Ryuichi moved from Japan to the U.S. when he was in middle school and is currently studying at Boston University. Ryuichi is a trilingual who speaks Japanese, English, and Chinese.

Hobbies: Playing musical instruments, playing sports, eating delicious Japanese food


Ryoko moved from Japan to the U.S. when she was in elementary school. After completing her undergraduate degree at Stanford University, Ryoko entered Harvard Medical School and is currently working towards a medical degree. Ryoko is also an artist who draws pictures for academic articles. 

Hobbies: Drawing, playing sports, eating delicious Japanese food


​After graduating from a high school in Japan, Saki moved from Okinawa to the U.S. to study at Quincy College. Saki enjoys being a member of theater club.

Hobbies: Theater, karaoke, reading


Aya moved from Japan to the U.S. when she was in elementary school. Aya graduated from an American high school as a salutatorian and  double majored in biology and psychology in college. She has worked in research position at Harvard Medical School and MGH. Founded Boston Japanese Tutors.

Hobbies: Playing with cats, eating delicious food, talking with people


​Hibiki came to the U.S. when he was in middle school. Currently he studies statistics and physics at Boston University.

Hobbies: Reading, walking


Young is an English teacher who is fluent in English and Korean. After graduating from Boston University, Young worked at a prestigious medical institution in Boston. Currently he is working towards his dream to become a high school teacher

​Hobbies: Reading, astronomical observation


Kylie graduated from a high school in the U.S. as a valedictorian. She currently studies physics and astronomy at MIT. She has broad interests in fields such as planetary and environmental science. 

Hobbies: Studying astronomy, Japanese anime and music, playing games